FAQ (English version)

Purchasing paintings

Q. Are all paintings for sale?
A. Not all paintings (as shown on this website) are for sale.  You may only buy the paintings without an asterisk (asterisk means not for sale or sold out).  You also may order a signed print from the artist.
Q. How can I place an order?
A. Once you have chosen a painting, you need to email: licia@picturas.it to place your order.  Please include title of the painting in your e-mail.
Q. Can I order or request a custom artwork not shown on your site?
A. You can request any art painting in any size (Maximum size 2.0 m x 2.0 m). To do this, you have to scan your favourite image and send it to our email address:  licia@picturas.it.  On average, it will take at least a  week, depending on the subject, to complete.
When you send your picture, make sure to send a high resolution image (JPEG format).
Q. Can I order a painting similar to the one I’ve seen on your website but in a different size?
A. Yes, of course! Send an email to us with your request:  licia@picturas.it
Q. C an I request a portrait painting?
A. You can order portraits and pet portraits by sending an email to licia@picturas.it with your photos.  Make sure to send a high resolution image (JPEG format).
Q. Do you export?
A. Yes. We sell internationally and welcome orders from abroad.
Q. Do you sell prints of your work?
A. A limited number of my paintings can be bought in signed print.

Payment method:

Q. How much do your paintings cost?
A. Each art work is priced individually depending on complexity of the subject, the type of painting, materials used and size. However, our charges are reasonable and affordable. 
Q. How can I pay for my painting?
A. You can pay by bank wire transfer via your local bank  (contact us by email before placing an order:  licia@picturas.it )

Shipping cost:

Q. Do your prices include shipping costs?
A. Shipping costs are at the customers expense. We’ll gladly determine the exact shipping cost for any painting before you buy.
Q. How much is the shipping cost?
A. The shipping cost depends on the weight, the volume and the delivery address (Poste Italiane fees).


Q. Do you sell framed or unframed?
A. We only sell unframed paintings. This keeps the prices low, reduces shipping costs, and lets you frame your paintings in any way you like.
Q. How long will it take to receive my painting?
A. Estimated delivery time depends on distance. Moreover, time depends on the complexity of the painting and its drying time: oil paintings take at least 5-6 weeks to get dry and varnish coat about 2 weeks to harden.
Q. How will I receive the painting ordered?
A. Your painting will be shipped by mail (Poste Italiane) and you will receive it in bubble wrap and in a secure package. We guarantee you receive your painting in good condition.

About paintings

Q. Are all paintings original?
A. Yes all paintings are original creations by the artist.
Q. Which techniques do you use?
Not all paintings are made with the same materials or according to the same methods: we use watercolour, charcoal, chalk pastels, sanguine (red chalk), ink and pencil on paper and thin cardboard, oil, tempera, idroil on canvas, canvas panel and prepared cardboard.
We prefer to use more ecological materials such as Watercolour, idroil and tempera painting.
Watercolour is well-known for its magical light effects, transparency, emotion and marvellous painterly qualities. This technique spread through England  during the 18th century by landscape painters, and it was considered as distinctly English “national art”.
Varnished tempera painting is a old fashioned painting method similar to egg tempera. Well known from antiquity, tempera was the exclusive medium in the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, and in Italy it was not supplanted by oil until c.1500.
Idroil oil colours are authentic oil paints. Using Idroil you can get the same effect that you may obtain with oil paint (the only difference is that the solvent for idroil is water instead of turpentine).
Q. Which materials do you use?
A. We use high quality materials: watercolour, charcoal, chalk pastels, sanguine (red chalk), ink and pencil on paper and thin cardboard, oil, tempera, idroil on canvas and cardboard.
Q. Do you sign all your artwork?
A. Yes, always.

About masterpiece painting reproductions

Q. Are your paintings completely hand painted?
A. Our product is genuine, 100 percent hand-painted oil paintings on canvas, no computer and other machine is used. All the paintings are reproduced and handmade on canvas by the artist using only top quality canvas and oil paints.
Q. Can I order an art reproduction not shown on your site?
A. You may request any art reproduction in any size (Maximum size 2.0 m x 2.0 m). To do this you have to scan your favourite painting and send it to our email address for duplicating:  licia@picturas.it
Make sure to send a high resolution image (JPEG format).
Q. Can I order any art reproduction in different techniques?
A. Yes you can order a painting in any way you like.
Q. Are reproduction oil paintings legal?
A. Yes. Copyright lasts for 70 years after European author’s death and 50 years for non-European.
Q. Do you sign all your art reproductions?
A. Yes, always.


  • Nature morte - Still Life
  • Paesaggi - Landscapes
  • Marine - Seascapes
  • Collezione di conchiglie - Seashells
  • Diario di viaggio - Travel Journal
  • Cinque Terre
  • London
  • John Marr and Other Sailors - Herman Melville
  • Salt-Water Ballads - John Masefield
  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - S. T. Coleridge
  • Salotto del Jazz 2014
  • Illustrazioni - Illustrations
  • Riproduzioni d’autore
  • Autoritratti - Self-Portraits
  • Ritratti - Portraits


    John Marr, da John Marr and Other Sailors (H. Melville) - Tecnica mista

    Acquarello, carboncino e gessetto, 30.5 x 45 cm

    Tempera verniciata su cartone telato, 25 x 35 cm

    Mare mosso dal molo (Monterosso) - Acrilico su cartone, 20,5 x 28 cm

    L’Ambasciatore italiano in Irlanda, Giovanni Adorni Braccesi, Incontri Europei 2014, Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublino (Irlanda)

    Dublino, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 2014 (durante l’allestimento)

    Dublino, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 2014

    Tempesta, acrilico su tela, 150 x 100 cm, 30mila Arte a confronto – Acqua, mostra collettiva dei soci de L’Officina dell’arte – Gruppo Arti Figurative del D.L.F, Sala Gialla Parco “Ettore Bufalieri”, Bologna

    I Laud the Unhuman Sea - Lodo l’inumano Mare, Palazzo Comunale, Monterosso al Mare (SP), 4-13 Agosto 2011

    Proiezione del video Vision, Incontri Europei 2013

    “IO”, mostra collettiva, Sala Gialla, Bologna, 2013



    hie, Studio Art EM, Ravenna, 17-30 Settembre 2011

    Sant’Angelo a Fasanella (SA), Sala dell’ex asilo comunale, 18-21 Agosto 2011

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